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Modern Trends in Particle Physics
International Conference devoted to the 35 Year Celebration of the High Energy Physics Institute Foundation
November 26 – 27, 2015, Tbilisi, Georgia
Opening ceremony and conference will be held at the Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Chavchavadze Avenue 1, Main Campus, Auditorium 115
Prof.   Mikheil Nioradze      Georgia more
Prof.   Gela Devidze   Theoretical research of particle physics at HEPI TSU   Georgia more
Dr.   Andro Kacharava   Jülich-HEPI TSU relations: from COSY to JEDI project   Germany more
Dr.   Irakli Minashvili   ATLAS Tile Calorimeter status after LHC first long shutdown (LS1).   Switzerland more
Prof.   Сhavleishvili Mikheil   General principles of symmetry end spin particle reaction   Russia more
Prof.   Satoshi Mihara   muon particle physics at J-PARC   Japan more
Prof.   Rauf Jafarov   LANDAU POLE PROBLEM in QUANTUM FIELD THEORY and MODELS   Azerbaijan more
Dr.   Anatoly Kulikov   Intermediate energy physics experiments in Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems,JINR, Dubna    Russia more
Prof.   Peter Jenni   The long journey to the Higgs boson and beyond at the LHC   Switzerland more
Dr.   Alexander Machavariani   "$ ho$ creation and $ ho-omega$ mixing in the $pp$ inclusive reaction within the relativistic quark approach."   Georgia more
Prof.   Jemal Khubua      Georgia more
Mr.   Komarov Vladimir   Observation of the isovector dibaryon resonance-like states with a mass of 2.2 GeV/c2   Russia more
Prof.   Vladimir Kekelidze   Status of the NICA project at JINR   Russia more
Dr.   Vakhtang Kartvelishvili   Heavy quarkonium spectroscopy in ATLAS    United Kingdom more
Dr.   Gogi Macharashvili      Georgia more
Dr.   Badri Chiladze      Georgia more
Mr.   parmen margvelashvili      Georgia more
Prof.   Ramaz Kvatadze      Georgia more
Prof.   Zurab Modebadze      Georgia more
Mrs.   Mariami Mtvralashvili      Georgia more
Other Information   Dali Bakhtadze      Georgia more
Mr.   Gocha Jibuti      Georgia more
Prof.   Iuri Tevzadze      Georgia more
Dr.   Tamar Djobava   HEPI TSU activities at ATLAS experiment   Georgia more
Ms.   Maia Mosidze      Georgia more
Dr.   Nodar Lomidze      Georgia more
Dr.   David Mchedlishvili       Germany more
Dr.   Akaki Liparteliani      Georgia more
Dr.   Mikheil Kopadze      Georgia more
Prof.   Zaza Metreveli      Georgia more
Dr.   MIrian Tabidze      Georgia more
Dr.   zaali Garuchava      Georgia more
Mr.   Lekso Mamulashvili      Georgia more
Mrs.   Lali Akhobadze      Georgia more
Mr.   Igor Trekov      Georgia more
Mr.   Giorgi Nanobashvili   Modern Trends in incoming tour operating in the framework of High Energy Phisics   Georgia more
Dr.   Lidia Chkhaidze       Georgia more
Dr.   Liana Abesalashvili      Georgia more
Ms.   Tsiala Ioseliani      Georgia more
Dr.   Lali Kharkhelauri      Georgia more
Dr.   Tamar Babutsidze      Georgia more
Mrs.   Eteri Baratashvili      Georgia more
Dr.   Shota Shoshiashvili      Georgia more
Dr.   Zurab Menteshashvili      Georgia more
Other Information   Vakhtang Garsevanishvili   Light Front Variables in High Energy Hadron-Hadron and Nucleus-Nucleus Interactions   Georgia more
Dr.   Vladimir Komarov   Observation of isovector dibaryon resonance-like states with a mass of 2.2 GeV/c2   Russia more
Mr.   Irakli Avaliani      Georgia more
Ms.   Ketevan Avaliani      Georgia more
Ms.   Tamar Zakareishvili      Georgia more
Mr.   Bakar  Chargeishvili   ATLAS Tile Calorimeter E4 scintillators role in the physics objects calibration   Georgia more
Mr.   Lasha Pantskhava      Georgia more
Mrs.   Mariam Janashvili      Georgia more
Mrs.   Tamira Kvachadze       Georgia more
Mr.   Alexandr Sidelnikov      Georgia more
Dr.   Soso Gogilidze      Georgia more
Dr.   Alexander Kvinikhidze      Georgia more
Prof.   Yoshitaka  Kuno   Flavor Physics and Intensity Frontier of Particle Physics   Japan more
Dr.   Rezo Shanidze   Astroparticle physics and high energy neutrinos   Germany more
Prof.   Vakhtang Gogokhia      Hungary more
Dr.   Manana Svanidze      Georgia more
Prof.   Pavle Asatiani      Georgia more
Mr.   Gia Kuratashvili       Georgia more
Prof.   Anzor Khelashvili       Georgia more
Mrs.   jeni gegia       Georgia more
Prof.   Zurab Tavartkiladze       Georgia more
Mrs.   Eleonora Skhiladze       Georgia more
Mr.   nugzar mosulishvili       Georgia more
Other Information   ty t       Algeria more
Ms.   eulimcijuj eulimcijuj      Colombia more
Prof.   arahiwex arahiwex      Slovakia more
Dr.   itijitigobev itijitigobev      Czech Republic more
Prof.   esepozota esepozota      Benin more
Ms.   ajeroko ajeroko      Kazakhstan more
Dr.   imamunelejube imamunelejube      Japan more
Ms.   uricazasakoqi uricazasakoqi      Zimbabwe more
Ms.   oxeigoulor oxeigoulor      British Indian Ocean Territory more